Situated on 92 acres of lakeshore property in Sandia, Texas, St. Mary & St. Moses Abbey offers a quiet, contemplative setting for a retreat. The beautiful surroundings, with Lake Corpus Christi, trees and lovely vistas, provide space for prayer and reflection. A quiet environment and beautiful surroundings will enhance the retreat experience.

The main facilities are found within the central U-shape building which includes St. Pishoy Dining Hall, St. Macarius Reading and Conference room, and two chapels in the names of St. Moses the Strong and St. Anthony the Great, as well as private quarters for the monks and novices. Other facilities at the Abbey include:

• St. Moses Hall for male youth and adults
• St. Mary Hall for families, women and children
• St. Anthony Cells Building for monks
• St. Mary Church
• St. John Kame Chapel
• St. Moses Bookstore
• St. Shenouda Kitchen and Dining Hall
• A Ranch for Cows, Goats, Chickens, Ducks, Pigeons, and Rabbits
• A Fruit and Vegetable Farm
    • St. Moses Hall contains 20 air-conditioned, double occupancy guest rooms with private baths. This building accommodates 40 male occupants.

    • St. Mary Hall contains 17 air-conditioned, quadruple guest rooms with private baths. This building accommodates 70 female occupants.

    • St. Macarius Reading and Conference Room accommodates up to 50 persons.

    • St. Pishoy Dining Hall accommodates up to 100 persons.