Current Project

By the grace of God, the Abbey is celebrating it's 10th anniversary this August and we will be installing a new iconostasis and beautiful woodwork in the St Moses church. We need your prayers.

If you would like to take the blessing of sharing in the funding of beautifying the church of God for the glory of His holy name, donations may be made by writing a check to "St Mary & St Moses Abbey" with a memo for "St Moses Church" and mail to:

St Mary & St Moses Abbey
101 S Vista Dr
Sandia, TX 78383
or you may contact the Abbey at 361-389-2674 for further information. 
Thanks be to God for all things!

Directions to the Abbey

101 S Vista Dr
Sandia, TX  78383
Tel.: 361-547-3257
Fax: 817-231-0135

Sayings of the Desert Fathers


إذا حسبت التحقـير كالإكـــرام
واللوم كالمديح والفقر كالثراء
فإنك لا تمـوت.
الأنبا مقاريوس الكبير

If you consider offense as honor, blame as praise, and poverty as richness, you shall not die.

-St. Macarius the Great