AXIOS! Ordination of Bishop Peter

Bishop Peter
It is with great joy that the community of the monks celebrates the ordination of Hegumen Father Moussa Abba Moses as Bishop Peter over the new Diocese of North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky and it's surrounding areas.  

We congratulate His Grace Bishop Youssef on the ordination of his spiritual son, and we all proclaim with joy, Axios (Worthy), Axios, Axios Bishop Peter! MORE INFO & PICTURES HEREBishop Peter

Seminary Summer Program

St. Athanasius Coptic Boarding Seminary is happy to announce the beginning of a summer program this July. It is a one week course that will cover an introduction to the New Testament. Upon completion, each student should be able to: know and recite the books of the New Testament in order, the main theme of each book, detailed outline of some of the books, key subjects, a general background of each book, connect the books with each other as well as with the Old Testament books, etc. 

This will be a memorable experience in which the students will be immersed in the prayer life of the monastery, learning and working with a different monk each day, engaging in group spiritual activities throughout the day, and will be given a chance for quiet time while enjoying the beautiful atmosphere. 

Directions to the Abbey

101 S Vista Dr
Sandia, TX  78383
Tel.: 361-547-3257
Fax: 817-231-0135

Sayings of the Desert Fathers


إذا كنت في قلايتك وتذكرت أن إنساناً أساء إليك وأحزنك فقم في الحال وصلِ من أجله من كل قلبك أن يغفر اللـه له وبذلك تنطفئ عنك محبة مجازاة الشر بالشــــر
الأنبا أشعياء

If you are in your cell and remember that someone has trespassed against you, get up immediately and pray for him from the depth of your heart so that God forgives him and the love of retribution will fade away.

-St. Isaiah