Seminary Summer Program

St. Athanasius Coptic Boarding Seminary is happy to announce the beginning of a summer program this July. It is a one week course that will cover an introduction to the New Testament. Upon completion, each student should be able to: know and recite the books of the New Testament in order, the main theme of each book, detailed outline of some of the books, key subjects, a general background of each book, connect the books with each other as well as with the Old Testament books, etc. 

This will be a memorable experience in which the students will be immersed in the prayer life of the monastery, learning and working with a different monk each day, engaging in group spiritual activities throughout the day, and will be given a chance for quiet time while enjoying the beautiful atmosphere. 

Directions to the Abbey

101 S Vista Dr
Sandia, TX  78383
Tel.: 361-547-3257
Fax: 817-231-0135

Sayings of the Desert Fathers


الإنسان الروحى يَجد
راحتهُ فى اللـه
قداسة البابا شنوده الثالث


The spiritual person finds his comfort in God.

-H.H. Pope Shenouda III